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This is "Information Central" for A.A. members in South Dakota Area 63.


Area 63 Events

See what A.A. events are going on around South Dakota.

Get Involved in A.A. Service

There are many ways to serve in Alcoholics Anonymous at the group, district and area level. Area and district committees are always looking for A.A. members to serve on their committees. Ask your home group about open service opportunities at the group level.

Area 63 Service

Already serving? The Area 63 service site holds all business information relating to Area 63. This includes agendas, minutes and bids/motions from area assemblies; district updates; Area 63 officer reports; updates from area committee chairs and updates and resources for district committee chairs.

Please email webchair@area63aa.org or contact your DCM for the password.

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Events Outside Area 63

See what A.A. events are going on in other areas, online or around the world.


Book: Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book)

Read the Big Book

Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book)

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

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Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions