Area 63Assemblies

Summer Assembly (Hybrid)

This assembly will be hosted July 13-14th, 2024 on Zoom.
We will hear from our Dave, our current Area 63 Delegate on his experience at the 74th General Service Conference.

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Area 63 Assemblies At-a-Glance

Pre-Conference Assembly

The Area 63 pre-conference assembly is held at the end of winter. In addition to conducting area business, this assembly is for our delegate to better understand how our area as a whole feels about items that will be discussed by the General Service Conference.

July Assembly

Typically held on the first weekend in July. In odd years, this is our election assembly. Here we elect our Area 63 officers for the next two-year rotation. Also, the budget for the upcoming year is presented by the Finance Committee and regular assembly business is conducted.

December Assembly

Typically held on the first weekend of December, the budget for the following year will be voted on and regular assembly business is conducted. In odd years, this is the final assembly for the current rotation.

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What is An Area Assembly?

Any meeting of area G.S.R.s and the area committee (Chapter Five, A.A. Service Manual) is an assembly. The area assembly is the mainspring of the Conference structure — the democratic voice of the movement expressing itself. Assemblies are the responsibility of the area committee, and are conducted by its chairperson.

In the beginning, general service assemblies were held only to elect committee officers and the delegate to the Conference meeting, and without such meetings, there might be no area service structure today. Now, assembly meetings consider a variety of issues, from General Service Conference business to area problems and solutions and financial affairs, while sharing sessions, public information programs, workshops, and video programs keep A.A. strong and participation in service growing.

An election assembly is held at least once every two years to choose a delegate and committee officers. It is usually scheduled in the fall of the year, prior to November 1. (Generally, the newly elected delegate and officers take office as of January 1.)

Nonelection assemblies or meetings may be held at any interval the area wishes. In some areas they may be called “workshops” or “general sharing sessions.” However, most areas call them assemblies and include workshops and other activities; and the election meeting is always called an “assembly.”

Reprinted from (A.A. Service Manual, page S36), with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

Area Assembly Structure